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Overdrawing your account (spending more money than is in your account) can be a costly mistake. An overdraft occurs when a transaction is posted to an account which causes the available balance to be less than $0. It’s always better not to overdraw your account in the first place, but if you occasionally have trouble tracking the balance in your account and have ever overdrawn your account, you may want to consider Overdraft Protection.

It is never a good idea to overdraw your account. But for those times when you make a mistake and become overdrawn, having Overdraft Protection may help:

  • Decrease the risk of returned payment fees from merchants or retailers

  • Reduce unanticipated fees associated with being overdrawn, such as late payment fees

  • Ensure your bills and other transactions are paid as scheduled

Overdraft Protection

How It Works

Your Responsibility

What To Do Next

No Overdraft Service

- Overdraft services are optional
- We recommend using the tools listed above to manage your account and reduce overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees

- Manage your account responsibly
- See “Tips to Avoid Overdraft & Non-Sufficient Funds Fees” on reverse side

You can always reach a representative at 866-385-3444 for more information on how to manage your account

Overdraft Protection

This service can be costly.

- At our discretion, we pay checks, automatic bill payments and other transactions that overdraw your account
- We will decline ATM and everyday debit card transactions that would overdraw your account, unless you “opt-in” for the Bank to authorize and pay these items

- $25 Overdraft Item Fee per transaction

- Not to exceed five overdraft fees per day ($125)

- Every withdrawal, check, ATM withdrawal or any other electronic transaction, on an overdrawn account will be charged an overdraft fee

You can arrange for Overdraft Protection by speaking with a CNB Retail Banker today

Each overdraft paid or returned is subject to a fee ($25), not to exceed five overdraft fees per day ($125), and will be deducted from your available Overdraft Protection limit. Every withdrawal, check, ATM withdrawal or any other electronic transaction, on an overdrawn account will be charged an overdraft fee. Overdraft fees will not be assessed if the end of day balance is overdrawn by less than $5. Overdraft items in excess of your limit may be paid or returned at the Bank’s discretion and assessed a fee. Even if Overdraft Protection is available, this does not guarantee all items that overdraw the account will be paid.

Your overdrawn balance must be paid in full within 30 days after the overdraft first occurs, for at least 1 business day or your limit will be suspended. Overdraft Protection will be suspended if 10 or more items are returned in a statement cycle. A suspension is defined as the removal of an Overdraft limit until the account is returned to a positive balance and the account must remain positive for 5 days.

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