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Want to reduce the stress of payroll and paying bills?

Enjoy the security of enhanced fraud detection with Positive Pay – a valuable service that gives you more control and accountability on the checks you’ve issued, all while minimizing losses. Positive Pay gives your business that extra security related to check and ACH fraud.

• Protects companies against forged, altered and counterfeit checks
• Verifies that checks processed are funded properly

Enrolling in Positive Pay will allow CNB to match checks, such as a company-issued payroll check, with those presented for payment by a business. As the checks are presented to the bank to be deposited or cashed, the bank compares the information it has on file with each check presented. If the information for any check does not match the file, CNB notifies its business customer.

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Positive Pay service offers these features:

  • Minimizes potential for fraudulent check/ACH activity

  • Scans for non-issued paid items

  • Improved accuracy of deposit balancing

  • Scans for duplicate postings

  • Email alerts when exceptions have been detected

  • Filter management

  • Improved Audit Control

  • Scans for fields that do not match the issue file

  • Items are reviewed daily

• Completed Positive Pay Agreement
• High speed internet and CityNET Online Banking required

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