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Are you guarding your digital information from being held hostage?

Ransomware is a threat to computer users and is malware that targets and encrypts your digital data on computers and mobile devices. It then allows attackers to demand payment to unlock your data.

Once hit, you face the threat of losing all of your files.

Here are some tips to help protect your data:

  • Don’t download attachments from unknown senders or click on links in suspicious emails or on questionable websites. This is an extremely important line of defense.
  • Run backups regularly, and make sure a copy of that data is stored off your network to protect backups from the ransomware. This will help you restore files if necessary.
  • Make sure you update operating systems, web browsers and software so the latest security fixes are installed.
  • Many experts recommend using anti-malware and virus-protection software and always keeping it up to date.
  • Don’t pay the ransom. While you might be informed that if you pay a certain amount of money your data will be unlocked, there is no guarantee. You could lose hundreds of dollars and still be locked out of your information.

Protecting against ransomware is key to keeping your personal information safe. Learn more about protecting yourself and your digital information here.

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