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To allow you uninterrupted access to your funds while traveling, and to help in our fraud prevention efforts, notify City National Bank about your travel plans, including travel dates and destinations. We can place a travel exemption on your debit card.

There are three ways to notify us and obtain a travel exemption on your debit card:

• Contact Customer Service at 866-385-3444 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM and Saturday, 9 AM to 4 PM.
• Visit your local branch.
• Send a secure message using CityNET Online Banking on your desktop or on our mobile app

Be Proactive With Your Account

While you’re on vacation, we may need to reach out to you to verify a transaction. We encourage you to add these texts/phone numbers into your phone so you know we are trying to contact you. We also encourage you to enroll in text banking:

1. If you are enrolled in text banking, CNB’s first attempt to contact you will be via text message from the phone number 207-33.
2. CNB’s second attempt to contact you will be an automated call from 877-253-8964 if you did not respond to the previous text.
3. If there has not been a response via text or phone call from our first and second attempts, CNB’s third attempt to contact you will be via email.

Don’t forget to make sure we always have your most up-to-date contact information. Update your information by:

• Logging into CityNET Online Banking on your desktop or on our mobile app and updating your profile.
• Calling Customer Service at 866-385-3444.
• Speaking with a banker at any CNB branch.

Don’t forget to check your debit card and ATM withdrawal limit before you go on vacation because you may want to increase your limit!

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