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Buying a Car: Online vs. In-person

Today’s technology gives you plenty of options when it comes to shopping, even when shopping for a car. Many people now bypass salespeople by doing their own online research. With a little time and an Internet connection, you can learn all about any vehicle you can imagine. You can even research dealerships.

Buying a car online can offer you a convenient process and a wide range of options. But, as with any buying experience, online shopping presents pros and cons. You should consider all of these before sealing the deal.

Online shopping means no pressure from sales teams. You are free to browse as you please. You often find greater selection, and comparing vehicles is easy. If you do your homework, you could end up finding a great deal that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. When you’re online, you can shop when it’s convenient for you. And, best of all, you don’t have to spend hours driving from dealership to dealership.

Of course, there is always another side to the story. A car may look perfect on the Internet, but once you actually see the car, you may find the description was misleading. Many people feel more comfortable looking at cars in-person. They feel seeing the vehicle with all its flaws from the start helps manage expectations.

The advantages of shopping for a car in-person help with peace-of-mind. It appeals to those with the willingness to spend a few hours negotiating to get what they want. At the lot, you will notice the smaller details, and if you don’t like something about the car, you can always walk away. This helps reduce buyer’s remorse. You can also get immediate answers to all your questions by talking to the salesperson. This is important when it’s time for questions about the actual price and financing options.

Of course, you can always use more than one method when shopping for a vehicle. It makes sense to visit online sites as well as in-person dealerships. If you see a car you like online, you can visit a dealership to check it out in person and take a test drive. Conversely, if you see a car that you like at a dealership, you can go online to look for a better deal. You could also look for a vehicle with the specific color, interior, or other options you are looking for.

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