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Saving money is a hurdle many people face. Some people feel they don’t have a large enough income to put anything in savings, while others make impulsive spending decisions with money they could be saving. The reality is that you should be saving money for your future – no matter your circumstances. The general rule of thumb is to save approximately 20 percent of your income each month. So, how can you become a better saver?

Pay Yourself First
No matter how much you make each month, you can save money if you make it a priority to pay yourself first like you’re a bill that has to be paid. The best way to do this is to automatically deposit a set amount from your paycheck or from your checking account to a savings account every month. If you don’t see it leave your account, you won’t know it’s there. Start with just $10 a month if you are concerned about your monthly obligations and then ratchet that amount up as you get used to saving.

Wait Before You Buy
If you tend to be an impulsive shopper, wait at least 24 hours before you buy something. If you’ve done your research and know you’re getting a deal on something you truly need, then you can feel secure with that purchase. Many times, if you wait before you buy something, you’ll find you really don’t need it after all.

Keep Your Change
It may sound crazy, but put all your loose change in a jar or box. Once you fill it up, take it to your financial institution to deposit. Most financial institutions will require you to roll coins before depositing.

Stick to Your Budget
One of the best ways you can save is sticking to a realistic budget. You may have to make cuts here and there, but it will be worth it when you have accomplished the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Involve Your Friends
Another great way to stay on track is to let your friends and family know you want to save more money and spend less. Ask a few of them to hold you accountable each month.

To learn more about how we can help you save, stop by your nearest branch or visit We can help you get on the right track!

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